About Us

Training At Goshin Ju Jitsu Birmingham

Goshin Jujitsu translates into ‘the art of self-protection’ i.e. self-defence. The ‘ju’ symbolising the principle of not replying violently to violence.

The club was started with purpose of not only teaching this art, but to create a space where people could learn this and improve their technique. Jujitsu. To cover the fundamental and present techniques from a standing position, on the ground and in combination. But never forgetting the practicalities of self-defence.

Studying Goshin Jujitsu since 2003 under the Goshin Jujitsu Federation; the mantra has been training hard to perfect spirit and technique and to help spread the development of jujitsu. We cover throwing techniques, joint lock techniques, striking techniques, various forms of strangulation and holding down an opponent. Probably more importantly, how to counter those techniques if applied on you.

We treat each other and training partners with the respect and care that we want to receive back because to practice and acquire the necessary skill to master techniques requires this relationship. The question is often asked; what would you do if the other person did this? With commitment to jujitsu training, the aim is to make that question change to a statement of; ‘this is what I would do?’

We are open to those willing learn.