Our Classes


Classes At Goshin Ju Jitsu Birmingham

Our goal at Goshin Ju Jitsu Birmingham is to develop self defence skills and train hard. We training we cover throwing techniques, joint lock techniques, striking techniques, various forms of strangulation and holding down an opponent.

Adult Classes


The adult classes run from 19:00 – 21:00 Mondays and Thursdays focusing on self defence, groundwork, sparring, throws and other techniques. We also have syllabus work which is necessary to attain each grading. We are open to both male and female students and encourage students to train hard to get the most out of each session and improve their technique.

Student must show regular attendance, train hard, obey the instructors and perform the techniques that have been taught in a safe and controlled manner in order to progress through their gradings.

We welcome anyone into the club as long as you are willing to train hard.

Junior Classes


The junior classes run from 19:00 – 20:00 Mondays and Thursdays again focusing on self defence, groundwork, sparring, throws and other techniques. We have both young male and female students who follow a similar syllabus to the adult classes.

With younger children keeping them interested is often an issue. Classes are designed to bring the juniors into Ju Jitsu through focused learning of specific Ju Jitsu techniques bringing out a competitive spirit in a controlled environment and instilling discipline. This will help the juniors move on to more advanced techniques once they have got to grips with the more basic techniques.

Juniors are encouraged to work hard and achieve their goals. Whatever the age, the children are encouraged to work hard in order to achieve there gradings and move up through the belts.